CottageCare® Widows And Orphans Relief Fund: Rwanda, Africa

CottageCare® has created a ministry to widows and orphans in Africa, specifically the country of Rwanda. The purpose is to provide housing, food, clothing, education and health care to orphans who have no safety net. The U.S. and most developed countries have social safety nets for orphans and the less fortunate; countries like Rwanda, young, vibrant and thriving though they may be, cannot yet afford to provide care for orphans, especially when they constitute over 10% of the population of the country, as is the case in Rwanda.


Without safety nets, many orphans are left to fend for themselves. It is not unusual to find orphans as heads of households, 12-year-olds, for example, caring for their younger siblings.


The principals and officers of CottageCare®, Inc. found themselves drawn to do
something to help. There is so much need around the world; you have to determine
what is your part. What will I do? Rwanda was our interest. We cannot explain how we were drawn to Rwanda. We chalk it up to being a "God-thing", a leading that melted our hearts to help. Just because we can't save every orphan doesn't mean we shouldn't provide for some--those Providence puts in our way and within our means.


If you are a customer of CottageCare®, your patronage is gratefully appreciated. Additionally, you are vicariously helping to support widows and orphans in Rwanda.