Rwanda: Up and coming
Rwanda is a beautiful, lush and hilly country in east Africa located just below the equator. It is a country of approximately 8 million people, 1 million of which are orphans. We found the people to be very friendly, gracious and quite ambitious to improve their lot.

In 1994, the tribalism that pitted the Hutus against the Tutsis came to a head with the genocide wherein 1 million Rwandans were killed in 100 days. With the overthrow of the government that promoted the genocide, a new, stable democracy was born in 1994. The present government, under the careful stewardship of President Paul Kagame, is committed to stability, democracy, human rights, private ownership, rule of law and zero tolerance for corruption. They are intentionally and effectively encouraging foreign investment and do everything feasible to facilitate foreign aid and charity, whether public (governments) or private (individuals). The people of Rwanda appear quite happy with the present direction of the country. Divisions are healing and tribalism is discouraged--people refer to themselves as Rwandans, not by their former tribal affiliations.

While in Rwanda, the Schraders witnessed a family formally expressing forgiveness to a repentant perpetrator who, during the genocide of '94, had killed some members of that family. This is being encouraged and organized by churches and organizations all over Rwanda. The Genocide Memorial in the capital city of Kigali is dedicated to preventing tribalism, genocide and racism and is an impressive museum and operation.

The capital city of Kigali is in many areas a modern, bustling city. Many parts of rural Rwanda are similar to the USA 80+ years ago: no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and dirt roads.

Rwanda is a country well positioned to expand and develop economically into the foreseeable future. We want the orphans to participate in this future, not be lost to the opportunities due to being physically and educationally under-privileged. To that end, we welcome any and all contributions to this effort. If you are a customer of CottageCare®, your patronage already assists the orphans. If you would like to contribute directly, be assured 100% of your gift will impact the lives of widows and orphans. And, of course, your contribution is tax-deductible through our partnership with the U.S. not-for-profit organization, Global Orphan Project. Thank you for your interest in our work as evidenced by your reading these paragraphs.